Application of the Dexgreen 10 Pair In - Line closure

Application of the Dexgreen 10 Pair In - Line closure

Application of the Dexgreen 10 Pair In - Line closure 

Dexgreen have developed the 10 Pair In-Line closure for 0.40mm and 0.64mm conductor size cables. Read on to see how to install this closure in three simple steps!

The 10 pair Dexseal closure is non-reusable and is designed for single use ONLY for both 0.40mm and 0.64mm conductor size cables.

The closure can only be used for 2 x 10 pair cables in an In-line or Butt ended cable configuration giving consideration to conductor size - i.e. 10 pair 0.40 to 10 pair 0.64mm only in in-line configurations.

1. Remove lower cable entry knockouts as per cable configuration to be installed – In-line or Butt ended.

2. Prepare cables using current work practices. For non bonded hard jacket (HJ) cables, remove a minimum of 50mm hard jacket from sheath cut. Leave 130mm of conductor length for termination of 8A connectors.Insert cable ensuring a minimum of 15mm of sheath is in the gel.

Evenly space the connectors as shown ensuring conductors are within the closure. Install the correct size cable retaining clamp & secure firmly using the supplied screws. White retaining clamps for 0.64mm conductor size cable and Black retaining clamps for 0.40mm conductor size cable.

3. Fold the cover to the closed position and squeeze closure by applying even pressure until latches engage. A retaining hanger is supplied for hanging the closure in pits. To remove closure, cut the latches and discard.

To find out more about this process, please refer to the 10-Pair Closure Instruction Guide.

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