Need a go-to place for all your connectivity projects?

Need a go-to place for all your connectivity projects?
Need a go-to place for all your connectivity projects? Life gets much easier when you find all the solutions you need in one place. That's why Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) is always a step ahead to provide locally, all the solutions you need to get the results you want. From the latest wireless infrastructure solutions, to reliable connectivity solutions in copper and optical fibre. We have it all, here in Australia. It's innovation and performance on demand. Read on to learn more about this month's featured solutions! Find JMA Wireless RF products here in Australia.

WBT has partnered with JMA Wireless, to distribute a range of RF tails/jumpers and connectors for mobile networks in Australia. JMA's mobile wireless connectivity solutions assure infrastructure reliability, streamline service operations and provide unrivalled performance for coverage and high-speed mobile data. The range of JMA products provided by WBT are approved for use in Vodafone, Telstra and Optus mobile networks, and are essential in supporting current 4G Wireless communications, as well as the upcoming 5G standard. Check specs here: JMA Wireless products HYPACONNECT - HY SERIES RJ45 JACKS

Designed to simplify and accelerate network deployment. HypaConnect HY series modular RJ45 jacks meet and exceed technical specifications outlined in ISO/IEC 11801 Ed.2.2. Featuring a simplified and fast termination method, the HY series RJ45 modular jacks are user-friendly and provide excellent performance and reliability. Suitable for a variety of cable types, these RJ45 jacks, are a versatile and reliable solution for several network applications. Check them out now: HY Series RJ45 Jacks OPTICAL FIBRE PRE-TERM CABLES

The custom solution that saves you time, money and ensures reliability. The WBT optical fibre pre-term cables come tested and ready to use when delivered on site, saving time on retesting and installation, as no splicing is required.
  • The pre-term cables are a custom solution, made to your exact specifications – length, fibre type, connector, protection, etc.
  • Minimal cable wastage, faster turnaround times and no splicing on site mean less money spent on storage, labour and equipment, including cleavers and splicing machines, making this a tailored-made but cost-effective solution.
Find out more about the WBT Optical Fibre Pre-Term Cables   Have a few questions? Contact us for more details or a quick quote.

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