WBT Ducting Raceway

Warren & Brown’s fibre optic ducting

Warren & Brown’s fibre optic ducting~raceway is a unique system for routing and protecting fibre optic cords or copper cables between termination equipment, patch panels and fibre optic splicing cabinets or frames in telecommunications exchanges, data centres, universities, hospitals, or anywhere fibre optic or copper cabling is present. Easily mounted above equipment racks or below floors, it provides an easily accessible solution to any situation.

Available in 6 sizes in solid wall or slotted wall for exiting fibres, with the largest range of connecting components and mounting hardware available. The WBT ducting~raceway system provides a solution to any fibre routing application.

WBT components simply snap together or can be joined with “slotless” joiners. Vertical drops can be positioned or added easily by adding a cutout in the horizontal duct~raceway with a simple to operate hand tool or by using the express “over the top” drop option requiring no tools.

The unique design of the WBT system protects the fibre from damage and ensures that the bend radius of the cable is not compromised. All components in the WBTs system are manufactured from Noryl, a very strong engineering plastic, which is self-extinguishing and halogen free (for 100, 220 & 300mm ducting the rating is UL94V-0, for 30 & 50mm ducting is UL94V-1), which means in the case of a fire, the gases emitted will not cause harm to personnel, buildings or transmission equipment, unlike some other brands of ducting.

WBT fibre optic ducting~raceway products are manufactured to the highest quality standards (ISO9001), complying with the stringent requirements of ULA2024A & ROHS and carry a 10 year warranty.

WBT Ducting Raceway items conform to the following standards and requirements:

  • ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System by BSI
  • Fire retardant plastic, Halogen Free (for 100, 220 & 300mm ducting the rating is UL94V-0, for 30 & 50mm ducting is UL94V-1)
  • UL2024A standard
  • EEU-ROHS requirements
  • GR-63 Core Earthquake test compliance

Designed And Manufactured

  • Safely routes & manages optical fibre cords between exchange equipment
  • Tried and tested solution
  • Products are exported to USA, Europe, SE Asia, Middle East and NZ
  • Most widely used ducting raceway system in Australia
  • Fully compatible with ODF currently used in exchanges
  • Full service and support is currently available

Ducting Raceway Product Range

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